Viola Bows

A good viola bow can be a contradiction…it can’t be too bulky or it won’t have the sensitivity and subtlety a violist requires, but it must have enough mass to drive the C string to produce great tone. Wehling’s viola model results in a bow that is elastic and responsive, allowing for consistent playability and excellent tracking. His viola bows tend to be slightly lighter than most, weighing 69–72 grams. Wehling’s first priority, however, is to meet your needs and is willing to work with you to make exactly the bow you have in mind.

Rebecca Young

“I used your bow this past week for Mozart and Respighi, which require two completely disparate types of playing. I was principal and had a few solos, so thousands of people heard your handy work! It served me well for the week, as it has over the years.” ~ Rebecca Young, violist, New York Philharmonic

Max Mandel

“I’ve used a Wehling since 2007 when I commissioned my bow. I use that bow more than any other in my collection for all kinds of repertoire from Beethoven to Feldman. I love it because of its flexibility and the clarity of tone that it brings out of my viola. Not only is my Wehling bow a joy to play, it’s easy on the eyes. Matt’s craftsmanship is so elegant and sensitive that I still find myself admiring the bow from a purely aesthetic point of view.” ~ Max Mandel, Silk Road Ensemble

Because viola bows can be so varied, it helps to work directly with a maker. Start your conversation with Matt by email or calling 507-581-3192.