Matt Wehling’s best testament is the commentary of satisfied customers. His attention to detail and ability to listen to his clients is truly old-world in the best sense of the term. He looks forward to discussing your needs in a bow or restoration soon.

Barry Gold

“Matt Wehling is a superb master of the bowmaking craft. He had a strong desire to fashion a bow for me that was tailored to my wishes and he succeeded beyond question. His bows are magnificent: elegant, flexible, nimble, strong, and they process that very rare combination of personality and soul. My highest recommendation.” ~ Barry Gold, cellist, Los Angeles Philharmonic

Edward Dusinberre

“I am delighted with the bow Matt made for me. It is extremely versatile, equally at home playing Mozart and Bartók. Matt was also very collaborative in his approach, allowing me to try two different sticks before they were finished, and then working to produce a finished bow specific to my needs. Thank you Matt!” ~ Ed Dusinberre, violinist, Takacs Quartet

Rebecca Young

“I used your bow this past week for Mozart and Respighi, which require two completely disparate types of playing. I was principal and had a few solos, so thousands of people heard your handy work! It served me well for the week, as it has over the years.” ~ Rebecca Young, violist, New York Philharmonic

Nicolò Eugelmi

“I currently own two viola bows by Matt Wehling: a beautiful Voyageur, and another we called ‘Il Bastardo,’ a robust-yet-elegant scalpel of a bow. As a traveling musician, the Bastardo, with its Tip Armour, and the Voyageur, which avoids controversial materials altogether, give me very much peace of mind when crossing borders.” ~ Nicolò Eugelmi, international viola soloist

Patrick Jee

“My cello bow by Matt Wehling exemplifies everything that I look for in a great French bow. It offers me a wealth of colors and suppleness but at the same time it can withstand the pressure that is sometimes required. Matt’s attention to detail and the needs of the player were a major reason why I found such a great match after years of searching.” ~ Patrick Jee, cellist, New York Philharmonic

Kenneth Freed

“Using his bow is like driving a Ferrari. It’s so responsive, so fast. It has great sound and great spiccato. Usually a bow has one or the other. Put it this way: Imagine having a paintbrush that does anything you want.” ~ Ken Freed, violist, Minnesota Orchestra

Yuriy Bekker

“I love my Matt Wehling bow. I have so much control with it and am able to achieve everything that I want to express. I now prefer it over my Sartory — in fact, I barely use my Sartory anymore. It is a great match for my Jean-Baptiste Villaume violin, but is also my bow of choice when playing a Stradivarius that I borrow regularly for special performances. My Wehling bow compliments any violin I have tried, and I highly recommend his bows.” ~ Yuriy Bekker, Concertmaster, Charleston (SC) Symphony Orchestra

Brant Taylor

“The first time I played a bow by Matt Wehling, I knew I had to have one. Matt’s work embodies the ideal combination of suppleness and power, with a wonderful connection to the string and that rare sense of ‘sizzle’ — as though the stick itself is alive and vibrating with the sound. After many years, I continue to play this bow with the same pleasure as I did the day it arrived.” ~ Brant Taylor, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Michael Doucet

“I like a bow that’s hefty enough in its lightness to speak eloquently when you’re not quite sure what you’re going to say in an improvisational setting. After trying Matt Wehling’s bow in a wintry Minneapolis, I brought it down below sea level to humid Louisiana where his bow has become part of my arm and has yet to leave my fiddle strings alone.” ~ Dr. Michael Doucet, violinist and founder of Cajun band BeauSoleil


“It has such an open warm sound on my cello with a lively quality that will be fun to explore. You have a very bright future.” ~ Jennifer Culp, former cellist for Kronos Quartet

Darol Anger

“Matt Wehling is doing as fine work as I have seen anywhere, and combines meticulous and graceful craft with an uncanny sense of what each individual piece of wood is capable of, and the rare ability to realize every bit of its potential. Every bow of his that I’ve played is a fascinating, living individual.” ~ Darol Anger, Jazz/Bluegrass/Undefinable violinist/fiddler

Cathy Schubilske

“His bows do such a good job of hugging the strings, even in soft passages.” ~ Cathy Schubilske, violinist, Minnesota Orchestra

Robert Hanford, violinist

“I like Matt’s bows a lot. I own two fine bows – Matt’s being one – and three lesser bows. His gives a clear, very powerful sound. Matt works very hard and is an unassuming person.” ~ Robert Hanford, violinist and concertmaster, Chicago Lyric Opera

Max Mandel

“I’ve used a Wehling since 2007 when I commissioned my bow. I use that bow more than any other in my collection for all kinds of repertoire from Beethoven to Feldman. I love it because of its flexibility and the clarity of tone that it brings out of my viola. Not only is my Wehling bow a joy to play, it’s easy on the eyes. Matt’s craftsmanship is so elegant and sensitive that I still find myself admiring the bow from a purely aesthetic point of view.” ~ Max Mandel, Silk Road Ensemble

Mary Terranova

“I just got back from rehearsal where I was happily playing all day with the Ouchard bow you recambered for me. I am so pleased with it. I just wouldn’t have imagined it would sound so much better and it feels much better, I’m so happy with it. Thank you very much.” ~ Mary Terranova, Milwaukee Symphony


“Matt Wehling’s viola bows have the ability to draw a beautiful, rich tone as well as be lively bows for chords and off the string playing. I like the flexibility combined with strength and strong tone this bow provides for me.” ~ Andrea Een, viola professor, St. Olaf College

“Thanks for sending me this bow. It’s beautiful in every way. You do excellent work and your attention to detail is apparent in everything you sent, from the bow to the wrapping to the thoughtful accompanying letter on the nicely designed stationary.” ~ Dennis Luxion, Chicago Jazz Musician

“I contacted Matt Wehling because my sister had bought a bow of his and highly recommended his work. When my gold-mounted bow needed a new tip, I was reluctant to entrust its repair with just anyone. Matt did an excellent job, and quickly returned my bow to me. I greatly appreciate knowing that I can always rely on Matt Wehling to provide consistently prompt and outstanding work.” ~ Jane Escueta, Fort Worth, Texas